Sunday, 24 April 2011

Bohemian hair

I'm loving the bohemian hair style and think it will be a great east look to do in the spring and summer.
If i'm honest i can never be all that bothered doing much with my hair in the summer as its too hot using differnt hot hair tools makes me roast! ha!

(images i found using Goggle Images)

What do you think of the bohemian style?

my hair isnt wavy at all, so i was wondering if there is any thing which you can use to help make beachy waves? And im not sure if i've heard or dreamt that you can get a sea salt hair product which helps make the waves!
Is that true? or if anyone knows anything similar let me know :)


  1. A good way is to wash it before bed then plait it and sleep with it,, then in the morning when it's dry you will have lovely beachy waves :)

  2. I love bohemian hair as well! You've shown some amazing examples!


  3. My hair is really curly so this look is great for me..

    I've heard that spraying salty water in your hair gives the effect of beachy waves (literally)! ;)

  4. Ashley is the one who wears the best the bohemian style ^^


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