Friday, 29 July 2011

Focco Rocco!

After reading Laura's blog buy now, blog later about her Alexander wang Rocco inspired bag, i fell in love. Its just what ive been looking for. I've seen the inspired, not real, copied version many of time but if i'm honest didnt know there was the designer or the 'real' version of this bag.

You can see Laura's post on the Focco bag Here, here, & here.

For anyone who was like me and didn't have a clue what this bag was here are a few images.
I'm in love with the studded bottom, i hate  having the bottom of my bag ruined because i'm putting in on the floor and getting it bashed about all the time. So this is the best answer to that problem and looks Great!
Alexander Wang's is clearly leather and comes in many differnt colours i'm sure. But, it also comes at a big price (£700-£800) which i'm clearly not going to pay. I mean i would it would be worth it! But right now i dont have that kind of money haha.   

Laura mentioned a website in her post about where too get a cheaper version (hense the name focco) form and which she has bought all three of her own bags from, crazy enough there from ebay. She also left a link which you can also find here. they look just as lovely, there not leather and i wouldnt expect them to be for the price of £29.99.

So, you know what my next bag purchase will be and i hope to get one before i go on my hols, it will make the perfect travel bag!

And i know this post isnt the best as i havent bought one to review propally just yet, but i thought it would be nice to share for anyone who is loving the bag as much as me! Now you know where to get a affordable one from and in every colour if you wanted ;)


  1. been trying to buy these on ebay for ages but there always out of stock :( cc


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