Thursday, 25 August 2011

No7. Comet Eyeshadow - Photo & Swatch

This week ive been rumaging through my eyeshadows to fine something a little differnt and stick it in my everyday makeup to mix it up and bit.

After having a route i found No7 Stay Perfect eyeshadow in Comet it one of this single mini shadows that comes in the free gifts they do.

this is only the tiny version of no7 eyeshadow.

Its a grey eyeshadow and i think its the perfect grey.

You cant see all that well but it does have a lot of glitter in it, but i actully like it. the only problem is that you do get some glitter fall out when useing it but nothing to cry over ;)


i'd like to think of this as the perfect grey colour. It's not that smokey washed out black but its a realy grey. I dont know if anyone else has had the problem with some grey that there like a smugy black colour!? (not the best description :S) anyhow!
it really is a Grey and its a matte shade but with the added glitter, it looks as if, i there was not glitter it would be matte.

so, i though i would share this as ive been using it since i found it. I cant seem to find it on the boots website so i'll be gutted when i run out if i cant get it anymore!



  1. What primer do you use, it looks much better with the primer but I have never thought to use one?

  2. Gorgeous colour! :)
    Lucy x


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