Friday, 19 August 2011

Trying not to spend!

I just cant help myself, i felt like i needed something. If i'm honest i think i have a problem haha!
I'm off on a shopping spree to manchester in two weeks for my birthday with my boyfriend, so in order to be able to spend lots and buy some nice things i've been trying to make myself not buy anything and all my wages to be put away to save bar money for petrol.

This hasnt gone totally to plan!..

So, i picked up a lipstick :/ i know it isnt much but i seem to have picked up lots of little things and my money has been dwindling away! While doing this i tried to step out of my comfort zone of pinks and pick up and coral colour. This is a Rimmels Moisture Renew Lipstick.

The colour is 600 Soft coral and im not to sure of this price, im going to say between £4 and £6. So like i said this isnt my usual pick but i really like it! Suprisingly, but it does looke lovely on and it also has a little shimmer in it too. I like to wear it sheer so i dont look too orange-like.

On a side note apart from spending money i shouldnt be, i'm really excited to go away where only staying over for one night but ive got a suprise off my boyfriend which i cant wait for and its not a birthday suprise so i'm pretty confused for what i could be!


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  1. I'm trying not to spend to :( But there's just too much makeup I want to try or winter clothes I want.
    Lucy xx


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