Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Wednesday's Wish List

  1. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Lipstick- ive fallen for the packaging thats all i can say and that the main reason i want one, im sure the quality will be lovely but the whole reason i want one of this is for the beautiful packaging. I might be really cheeky and ask for it as a borthday present (fingers crossed)
  2. Blue Wash Jeans, Moto at topshop- (this link here isnt the same as the picture i could find the same ones :/) I's really like to find the perfect simple blue denim pair of jean for everyday wear. Some thing thats easy to wear and i can chuck one any top and it will look nice.
  3. Duffle coat, MissSelfridges- I know its not winter yet but i loce duffle coats and i think this is going to have to be a must for the colder weather to come.
  4. Stacker Rings, Dorthey Perkins- i've found that i've recently been getting it to rings and i love these little stacker rings, i really like of itsy bitsy they are (haha) and that you can wear them together or seperatly.
Whats on your wishlist this week?

1 comment

  1. Oh god, this is all gorgeous! I want all this too!
    Lucy xx


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