Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Wednesday's Wish List

  1. Sunglasses from Topshop - i'm in need of some new sunnies and this look lovely. I'm a sucker for big sunglasses.
  2. Belt from Zara - i just simply love the little tassel and think it could really finish an outfit off.
  3. Vivienne Westwood small skull bead neckalce - i've been droolling over this for a long time and i think i'll just have to keep wish not only is it expensive its out of stock everywhere i seem to look. :(
3b. (oops bit of a typo there) Black heels from Asos - i love how classic they look, their high but i think the staps will make them easier to wear, maybe ha.
4.Benefit's so hooked on Carmella perfume- ive heard alot about this and i think its going to be my cup of tea. I've heard it basically smells like malibu and and i love a sweet coconut pineapple type scent.

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