Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Manchester, Birthday & i got my suprise :)

i took a small trip to Manchester last weekend, it was my birthday and after about 3months of waiting i finally got my suprise!!

i took a short trip to manchester shopping for my birthday and i couldnt resist taking a picture of the crazy looking trumpet thing which is outside the afflecks palace. And i always forget to take a picute!

I got a suprise birthday cake from by boyfriend which was really nice as i didnt get to see anyone one my birthday and the day i came how my parents had buggered off on holiday haha. so we ate cake most of the night :)

We stopped for a well deserved break after walking for agessss

some of the nice birthday cards i got from friends and family and i finally got some things off my wednesday wishlists. And the YSL lipstick ive been dying to get as a birthday present of my boyfriend which i was chuffed about.

Are you thinking "whats that tiny cute book in the middle of the last picture"!? maybe not but i super excited about what it was. It was the suprise i had been talking about and it was the sweetest thing...

I got Engaged, and i soo happy and it really was the sweetest moment :) so heres a quick flash for anymore who might be interested!

the picture does it no justice it really is beautiful and hes got it right to the T!

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  1. ;o! congrats. that ring is gorgeous.
    Lucy x


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