Sunday, 11 September 2011

MUA : Heaven and Earth Palette

i'm sure a lot of people have seen MUA's Heaven And Earth palette but, i really wanted to do a post about it because ive used it everyday since ive bought it and i think its just great!

Heaven and Earth Palette

For anyone that isnt aware of MUA there a cheap drugstore/high sreet brand that can be found in superdrug and comes in a at a really resonable of £1, which is the price for everything in their 'basic' range. Now they have brought out the 'professional range' where the products range from £2-£4 which is amazing! this is one of their professional 12 shadow palettes and is £4.

Most of the shadows have a frost or shimmer finish, which i actually like as the shimmer or frosty finish isnt over powering. I'd say the first 2 bottom shadows have a less frosty finish than the others. So if you prefer forsts and shimmer eyeshadows this is a palette for you!

Left hand side of palette

Right hand side of palette

Clearly, the palette consists of neutral colours and lots of browns some which i noticed are oranged toned. The oranged toned browns are the only ones i dont like. simply for the reason when wearing them after their blended they make my eyes look sore.


Left hand side swatches

Right hand side swatches

They give really good pay of as you can see and the colours are really lovely. Even thought its a neutral palette there is a lot of variety and so many looks can be made. This is a palette i will be re-purchasing.

Most mornings i've been picking this up and doing something differnt and im sure i'll be getting a lot more use out of it.

Is this your type of palette and if you already havent do you think you'll be buying?



  1. I have awarded you with a blog award! for being one of my favourite blogs! check it out here:


  2. Oh my god I think thats the brand that had a neon palette which is to blame for cringey pictures from when I was young. They do grown up palettes now? May just have to get that! Not sure how big I am on shimmer but at this price oh well haha.x

  3. I really want to try this but my superdrug doesn't stock them. Le sigh.

  4. Great colors !


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