Wednesday, 26 October 2011

I've been a bit MIA lately!

So, ive been a bit mia lately and i think my blog needs some loving. Don't you feel a bit bad when you've left it all on its own for a while!? i did, whoopss! But im back with a little post and share some pics today :)

i must admit it has been a long while since i posted and i know " ive been super busy" is not the best excuse. But i really have and it the only excuse i can use. if im honest it been a cramped couple of months so many thinks going on.

It was my birthday and i went to manchester and i did a small post about that Here on that trip i got engaged, Eeee Soo Exciting and i also wrote about that in that post.

but heres a little pick, i cant help but show it off ;)

I then had to in a week organise a party, which i did haha and was soo good.
.. and this i a nice pic it a shame my fella didnt jump in the picture!

i had another trip back to manchester to see Avril Lavigne..

she was totally amazing, ive seen her a few time and this was the best, i got so close so i could see how tiny she is in person and she is just stunning!

No one is probably interested but i though i would be nice to share :) and i think it will nicely set me back into regular posts!

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  1. Congrats on getting engaged! :)
    Lucy x


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