Monday, 19 December 2011

Benefit POWda WOWza

I have to admit something,.. 
this is my first ever Benefit Product and i'm pretty pleased that i've broke my Benefit makeup virginity with the limited edition POWda WOWza.

Its safe to say that Benefit's blushers and bronzers are the most raved about products. So, when this product came out i grabbed the chance of buying it and being able to try three of the most popular products Benefit have!

The packaging is super cute and i love the paisley design. The blushes are smaller that the normal blushes and they each have 3grams of product. I must admit I have always been a bit on the fence about buying a Benefit blush, simply because of the price. But, in this you get three different products, even thought they are of a smaller amount but its also cheaper. Its a good way of trying the different products rather than splashing out on one when your unsure!

POWda WOWza retails at £19.50

Product includes Coralista, Bella Bamba and Hoola Bronzer. i have read that a few people are disappointed with the size of the product but i'm happy with it and the fact your can try all three. It's also great for travelling!

Coralista is definitely my favourite one out of the three, ive been looking for a nice peach for so long, ive found it :) and with out a doubt would happily buy it full size once i've ran out!

Bella Bamba also really lovely and have some nice shimmer to it, this i've been using in the evening or on nights out to give me some extra colour as its a really pretty rosey pink colour.

If i'm honest i was scared of Hoola as i'm not a bronzer person, i'm always scared of over doing it or giving myself that nasty brown ring mark on my face (this is mainly because i'm rather pale). Never the less i'm warming into using a bronzer and this is a good colour for me not to dark and blends nicely 

So.. it is worth the money which i was unsure of spending!? Yes with out a doubt and i would happily spend it again and if your unsure about the Benefit products which you will like if there worth the money, then this is a really good product to try.


  1. I really want to try Benefit, this post has convinced me I think.

  2. This looks so good, I may have to invest and its rather well priced!

  3. I regret not buying Powda Wowza before Christmas as now I can't find it anywhere. I already own the full sized Coralista which I love but I want to try both Bella Bamba and Hoola without buying the full size versions :( Hope you had a lovely Xmas :) xx

  4. @sarah have your tried ebay? it could be worth looking at if your really want it :)xx


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