Thursday, 5 January 2012

Product a Day #3 NYX Glitter Cream

I'm still a day behind but i'm resolving that today :) i messed up a little bit with my camera Oops..

NYX Glitter Cream Eye Palette 

NYX Glitter cream palette, one night in luxury

This was a christmas present from my brother and it was from Riverisland it retails at £6.00 and i was really suprise to see NYX in there. Well, more like in my store because where a small town we never get the good things. I know you can get this one online along with the purple colours and the 21 glitter palette.

It comes with 5 shades, from left to right a silver toned glitter with multi colour reflects, blue toned with silver reflects, black toned with some silver reflects, gold glitter and a teal coloued glitter.

Excuse the poor quality picture

This was my first NYX product and i was really excited to try it. The colours are beautiful my favourite is the teal colour but i was super excited to try the gold, ive been picturing a gold glitter look recently and i was hoping this would do the trick.

So, you do get a good deal of product and you can easily pack on the glitter to make it mire dense and stronger colour but also you can wear it lightly for a little bit of glitter. 

The only disappointment for me was that when on the skin it didnt look glittery. if that makes any sence at all!!
i mean that the glitter was shint of glittery is the only way i can out it, not as much as it does when you first open the palette. You can tell its glitter but its slightly more duller than expected. 

i havent yet found a look that i like using the glitter yet but when i do, i'll be happy to post it to show you how the glitters look :)

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