Thursday, 23 February 2012

Vintage Finds, Kendal Vintage Fair

I had a quick run in the car on Sunday to the Kendal Revival Vintage Fair, I must admit I love these. There's some many lovely things and it gives me some many ideas.  And whilst mooching around i picked up a
 few things that i though would be nice to share,

=Vintage sweet tin, £9
maybe a little bit pricey for an old tine but i fell in love with all the colours and
 i knew i would look amazing for a lipstick tin

Flower holder brooch £4, 
So pretty and a total bargain in my eyes, just need to find a little flower to put in it.

Heart earring, £6 
Clearly not vintage but their handmade and really pretty.

If this is something you thing you'll enjoy you should defiantly search for vintage fairs in your area. This one was amazing and it was wedding themed and i came across some beautiful wedding pieces and company's which you can hire many different things from. There were also some beautiful stalls with hand made pieces of jewellery and clothing along with other things.  

so, if you thing you'll enjoy events like this you should with out a doubt search for some near to you there so much fun and you can find so lovely things. 


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