Thursday, 5 April 2012

Update & Thank You

This is just a quick update and a HUGE thank you for following!

Buster enjoying the sun

1. THANK YOU so much for following i'm so chuffed that the numbers have upped over the past few days and also for all the lovely comments i have been receiving. Although my follower numbers are still small, i don't care i'm just so happy that people are enjoying my posts, you are all so lovely and you probably will not realise how happy its made me :) 

2. Little gutted that the weather has disappeared and that we may be expecting snow!! And I had just got some new summery things too 

3. I have some ideas for craft post for something different to write about. I live in a very crafty house and something is always be made up and I'd love to share with you all. So if you think you would like something like that, hold on to your hats they will be up soon :)

4. I would also like to start doing fashion post and even try venturing into YouTube video Eeeeepp!! I'd love to do them but I need to pluck up the courage and I also need to buy a tri-pod for fashion post because I'm useless with a camera. 

Thank you all again, you've made me a really happy bunny, hope you all have lovely Easter! 


  1. Aw your dog is adorable :) x

  2. i would love to see some craft posts, they are some of my favourite posts to read, gives me some ideas! If you did youtube i would definatly watch you :) xx

    1. Thank you, im working on some crafty things at the moment so they'll be up soon, i hope! :)xx

  3. Cute dog) love your blog!

  4. awww your dog is cute :) i just started blogging too i am now following u
    Holly xxx


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