Monday, 7 May 2012

April Favorites

Hi, Ladies i hope everyones week has started on a high! I went on a lovely bike ride yesterday, i'm getting faster haha, it's a bank holiday so only 4 days of college to do :) & i'm off away for the night on Saturday to do some well needed shopping, i've lost quite a bit of weight so i'm starting to look shabby therefore new clothes are a must! Anyways enough about me...

I havent tried to many new things this month as i've been trying to keep my money for the weekend but these are a few of the things i've been loving. I have a redounded love for my MAC blush in Pink Swoon. After neglecting it for a good couple of months i decided it needed some love and i fell back in love with it, it just leaves the nicest pink flush on your cheeks and is not where near over powering more natural looking. The Revlon LipButters and Loreal Caresse lipsticks are the best things which have come out recently and i'm so glad i've picked them up. Revlon lip butter in Strawberry Shortcake and Loreal Careese in Lovely Rose have been the colours i've picked up the most lately not only are they super pretty pinks there just easy to apply and wear. If you haven't tried them but are thinking about it, definitely try either of them! 

I've gone back to my old foundation brush the Sigma Round Top Kabuki Brush it leave the most perfect flawless finish and i've been remembering to wash it more regular to keep it giving the perfect smooth finish. 
Nearly everyday i have been reaching for the Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner in Brown i love this in any colour as it last so well and apply great too, but the brown is so lovely for day time and i've been using it for a winded liner nearly everyday, in fact i've had to force myself some days to use something different. 
Lastly a recent buy which i bought from Louella is the bdellium tools eye brushes and i love the crease brush dont get me wrong i love them all but the crease brush is great! amazing for getting colour in the crease and outer corners and also blending. 

Whats products have you been loving? Let me know 


  1. That mac blush is such a lovely colour! :) xox

  2. I'll have to try the eyeliner. I currently use a bobbi brown one that I love but, as you could imagine, it's not very economical!

  3. I keep swatching the Revlon and L'oreal lip butters in store but I never actually buy them! Everyone has been loving them though so I think I need to try one soon.

    1. there both lovely, defiantly something to have i love them to keep in my bag for quick applications :)

  4. HI Ashley, In the eyeshadow photo there are three eyeshadows but you only mention two. Is the third Satin Taupe? They are pretty colours. I really like the blush as well. I have looking at it but not sure it's my colour.

    1. Hi, sorry i just realised which post you were talking about,
      The third colour is All That Glitters, Satin Taupe is also in my palette.
      But the two i spoke about were the only two i bought that day thats why they
      were spoke about.


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