Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Garnier Body Tonic | Firming Lotion

Over the last few months ive been losing weight and have been a little concious about skin getting loose, even though i have been told a number of times that i'm young and this wont happen. Its just a little worry in the back of my mind about the affects, we all have these right!? So, on a trip to the supermarket i seen this and it was on offer, i thought Oooo why not i'll give it a go...

 The Low Down
Garnier Body Tonic with Seaweed Extract, Hydrating and Firming Lotion
It moisturises and firms the body in one invigorating step. It leaves the skin feeling soft all day long, for visibly firmer skin. its citrus fragrance and non-greasy gel-creme texture has an immediate invigorating effect. 

Claims to show result in 7 days of firmer skin

I'm totally in love with this product, that much after a week of using it i went back and bought 3 more to stock up on while it was on offer, nether the less i would pay full price for this happily! On offer in Tesco it was £2.50 (i'm unsure if it still is now) Full price is £5.00 and i think this is a brilliant price!

After around 5 days i felt a difference in my skin, it felt some what tighter and smoother. 
It applies well and does exactly what it says, leaves a non greasy feel.  It has a creamy gel formula which i find helps it to sink in faster. This fits into my night time skin routine after a shower i apply it all over my body, then but my pj's on and let it soak into the skin and in no time (depending on how think you apply it) it has disappeared. 

The smell is amazing! It has a real lemon smell, as if you've crated a lemon and are left with a fresh lemon smell. It also lasts a long time i think it took me around 4-5 weeks to use up one full bottle. the difference in my skin is amazing smoother and softer, no dry areas anymore which i had and found hard to get rid of on elbows and any areas that were starting to look bumpy have smoothed out and look amazing compared to how they did.

So, if your a little worried about skin or and just wanting to firm up (eww urr) then this is worth trying. 



  1. wow I have never seen this in stores, but I am going to hunt for it now because I am really interested in it! (: Great review! (:

  2. I did a review of this on my blog too! I'm in love with it! :)
    Glad you like it too!
    Please check out my blog if you have time
    Pretty Little Lives

  3. hAS IT REALLY really HELPED? Are you noticing a difference still now? So tempted by this! xx

    1. Yeah really helped, i didnt expect to see results as soon as the 7 days it says but definitely did around the 5th day i noticed, really amazing worth a try. :)xx

  4. I'm going on holiday in 5 weeks and I'm determined to shift a few pounds so I feel more confident in my bikini! Think I may have to go and purchase a bottle for myself, love your blog, following!



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