Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Whoops! MAC Splurge

Whoops! I had a little splurge at MAC this weekend while i was away. Its not a regular think i do and as i live nowhere near a MAC Store i hardly buy from there, does that justify it!?

I grabbed a 15 pan palette while i was there to put all by eye shadows in & then i got Shroom & Scene eye shadows. Shroom, ive been eyeing up for ages and i was after a matte grey and Scene was perfect not to dark but can be built up for a darker colour if i need to. 

While i was there i thought Ooo, bugger it lets look at the blushes and the lovely lady at the counter pointed out the blush from their new collection Hey Salior! she tried it on my and we both thought it was lovely for my skin colour, i'm very pale you see and this is lovely on my skin. In the pan it looks peachy but once you work it into the skin its this lovely baby pink colour.

 Chatter box & Creme Cup

 i also grabbed another Creme Cup lipstick as its my fave, i use it most days and mine is nearly all gone then i went a bit crazy and had a route through the colours and decided to get Chatter Box to add to my little collection. 

Not the biggest splurge right? and before i got to the till i was sure the damage was going to be more than it was so to be frank i was a little relieved with the bill Haha!!

Have you had a splurge recently??


  1. I love everything you bought! Really want to try out the new hey sailor collection but I'm scared in case I like it all and am not able to control myself haha! :) x

  2. I love the look of Chatter Box. May treat myself this Friday! xo

  3. That bright pink lipstick is amazing! :)

  4. Cremecup is amazing! It's my favourite lipstick! xo

  5. I cannot get enough of Chatterbox!
    An absolute fave of mine

  6. Those lippies look amazing, gorgeous colours! Also LOVE that blush, I have it and reviewed it on my blog, have you had it on yet?! <3 xx

    1. ive been using the blush none stop, i love how it looks peachy but when you work with it it goes to a pinky colour. Looks great on fair skin to!xx


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