Friday, 1 June 2012

About Me :)

Hi Guyss :) 
So, i thought seen as though i have got a large amount of new followers over the last month or two, i would do a About Me Tag post. i love these mainly because i'm nosy :/ & also because i like to know a little bit about the person who's blog i'm reading. i've also finsihed college exams last week and only have a little left in coursework (being good and keeping on top of it ) so there will be plenty more posts from me now :) Please leave any requests if you have some & i'm hoping to be doing so DIY/Craft post soon :)

About me

Do you have a middle name?
Yes, it Rose :)

What was your favorite subject at school?
Art and textiles

What is your favorite drink?
I dont drink as much as i should really but, sugar free strawberry and kiwi water

Favorite song at the moment?
Rita Ora - Roc the life

What would you name your children?
Not to sure, i think this is a hard one to answer unless you actually having a baby 

Do you participate in any sports?
Not any more, but i used to play Netball and swim alot too

Favorite book?
I love the Notebook & for a easy fun read i really like the Kat Von D Tattoo Chronicles book

Favorite colour?
At the moment lilac/lavender colour

Favorite animal?
Going to be boring and say dogs and cats too haha

Favorite perfume?
I love Nina Ricci 

Favorite holiday?
All have been amazing

Have you graduated high school?

Do you speak any other languages?
Sadly not

Favorite store?
Topshop or Urban outfitters even though i dont buy from them that often

Do you have any siblings?
Yes, an older brother

Favorite restaurant?
A small Italian in my town 

Favorite movie?
I'm sure theres loads more, but P.S I Love You & i love SALT
 i really hope they bring out a second movie

Favorite TV show?

PC or Mac?
I'd love to have a Mac but at the moment i have a Dell Laptop

How tall are you?
5.3 tiny considering my fiance is 6.6 

What do you order from starbucks?
I dont have a Starbucks anywhere near me, but at costa i get skinny iced vanilla latte or iced tea

One thing in your closet you cant live without?
Jeans, there all i pretty much wear!

One thing you want to do before you die?
Ride a motor bike by myself maybe

Last book you read?
Kat Von D book

What kind of style would you define yourself having?
I think my style is a little bit eclectic, i love fashion and different types of fashion so i try to combine them or wear different things do i don't just look like i fit into one 'category'
I love Fearne Cotton's style i wish i could pull some of her looks off

Two hobbies?
Blogging and Crafting

This was probably not interesting for anyone, but thanks for reading anyways 
Speak soon :)



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  1. I also love the Notebook and wow your fiance is super tall!


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