Sunday, 3 June 2012

Girl Crush | Gillian Zinser

Gillian Zinser is an American and Argentinan actress know for playing Ivy Sullivan in 90210.
i did follow 90210 for one season and after that lost track, i'm useless really at remembering theres something i want to watch but either way i do enjoy watching it and i'm drawn to her i think she's beautiful really boho chic looking. She was definitively one of my favorite and i love her style on the show and of the show also. I love how she wears the pretty girly pieces with and edgy twist, wearing leather jackets, boots, rocker accessories. & how can you not forget how beautiful her hair is!! Why can i not keep mine this way!  

This really is going to be a small post with one similar to follow i think as honestly i think the images say it all for how amazing her style, fashion and beauty is! Right!?

Watch out for the next Gillan Zinser post :)

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  1. I love gillian's style she wears nice stuff on 90210 as well she is definately my girl crush too xxx


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