Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Glitter Faded Falsies

Honestly, i absolutely rubbish at applying anything considered 'fake' eyelashes takes me about 3 minutes (per eye!) i tried extensions to make my hair fuller, clips were everywhere and they pulled my hair like crazier, fakes nails either fall of or i cant use my hand and feel like i have a tonne of brick balancing on my fingers.

But ive been loving the cat claw looking nails or the long rounded ones and i was so inspired by Alex from HRH Collection when she posted a picture of her nails on instagram, so this is what i came up with..

And how i did them...

What i used
Maybelline Forever Strong Pro Nail Varnish - Rose Poudre 130
Claire's Accessories Gold Glitter Nail Varnish
Small amount of blue tack
cuticle removers

To make things a little easier i painted the nails before i glued them on and to do this i used blue tack to hold them onto the cuticle sticks. I gave the nails a few coat of the pink which looks a little dark here but is a natural rosey pink and i love it!

You may also notice theres only 4 nails it s but strange but i cant wear the nails on my thumbs if feels to strange for me and as there pretty long at the moment i decided i would just paint them.

Where looking a bit messy now but it will be worth it.
I took the the glitter nail varnish and did a light coat of it over 3/4 of the nails and tried to dab the glitter so it looked faded, once dried i did the next coat and covered the bottom 1/2 of the nail and then finally the last little 1/4 and this was the result. 

Last step was painting some clear nail varnish over the top and wallah, finished!
I also missed some nails with glitter because i wanted them to look a bit mish mash if that makes any sense.
I'm loving them at the moment and cant wait to think of some others to do, so ive been searching for inspiration on pinterest and other places..

What do you think  of these?
any ideas for some more?



  1. These look gorgeous! I love HRH collections nails!!!
    I find glue on nails so irritation though and they never stay on :( xo

  2. Really love these colours!
    Will definitely be trying this soon...

    Laura x

  3. These look amazing!! Very jealous!x

  4. These look fab! Will have to try the glitter idea on my nails! xx

  5. @LWS
    I know the glue with these isnt too good, i'll have to find some better really.x

  6. I wish I could make falsies work for me because these look amazing!

  7. I love the scattered effect! I tried this but mine were a disaster :/ Good tips though! x

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  9. Amazing nail polish :)



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