Wednesday, 6 June 2012

My 'Safety' Bag

Do you not get sick of going to your bag having to dig through to find your powder or mascara, digging through the piles of bobbles, clips and other make-up pieces you drop into your bag on a daily basis or going into your bag for your make-up bag to realise you have forgotten it!? Me too!!

This was when i decided to get myself a soft make-up bag that could get squashed around my bag and have all these things in one place, plus it makes things easier when your swapping bags!

I tend to keep a whole bunch of different things in this one little bag as i'm not one for keep lots of make-up with me on the go, just the essentials. This ones from Topshop, link Here!
So, lets rummage! 

Bits & Bobs
Paracetamol - I always get bad headaches and not having something is murder
Bobbles & Clips - for those bad hair days
Black Kohl Liner - from the body shop i don't 100% love this liner its just something i have with me in case
Carex Aloe Vera Hand Gel - this is essential! i always carry a hand gel!
The Body Shop Satsuma Hand Gel - you all know how much i love this stuff I've mentioned it so much!
Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets - i couldn't live without these now after trying them, Amazing!
The Body Shop Almond hand and nail cream - this is the left over of a tube that i like to try and use through the day, another fave!! 

No7 Pressed Powder -  in translucent i don't like to add a coloured powder on top of foundation & because i'm pale i worry it would look too much
The Body Shop Minerals Powder Foundation Brush - All time favorite brush for my powder, i should really buy another one for home and one for this bag. I usually forget to put it in, in the morning.
MAC Blush in Pink Swoon - i love blush, this one sheer but build-able which i why i like to carry it with me as i can wear it all ways
ELF Blush Brush -  this was an old blush brush i used when i started getting into makeup so i don't mind it staying in here
Chanel Coco Shine Lipstick in Romance- this is nice and sheer but has a darker colour than other lipsticks that have been in my bag lately
Revlon Lip Butter in Cotton Candy - just another lightly coloured lipstick to carry with me but moisturizing
MAC Creme Cup Lipstick - another fave, and my every day lipstick
Collection 2000 Mascara - mascara is one this i could not leave the house wearing, it makes me look away and i like to have full lashes

And thats everything, nothing to spectacular just the essentials for me.
What do you keep with you on an everyday basis?
Anything you cant live without?



  1. I love this bag! May have to pick it up if i see it. xx

    1. I love it, i'm sure it was £15 but well worth it havent stopped using it since :)xx

  2. i love the bag, i have seen it on the topshop website before and loved it. next time i am in topshop i will be looking out for it. and we keep almost the exact things in our makeup bags aha (: xx

    1. I love it too, aha great minds think alike! ;)xx

  3. This bag is gorgeous! I'm in need of a new makeup bag so will have to check this out x

  4. that body shop cleansing gel is my fave x

    1. Mine too, going to buy some more after work :)x

  5. I saw this in topshop and reeeally wanted it but didn't know how it would work out for this kindof thing (don't know why I was unsure, it seems like the perfect size). But now I've seen how much you've fit into it and how good it looks.. I might have to go back and grab it :) thanks

    1. You can fits loads in ti, probable what i have in it now!x

  6. Gorgeous bag, the Chanel lipstick looks amazing! xxx

  7. Hi dear friend,
    I am your new blog member just now. I like your blog so much. lso What's in my bag idea is supperr... I like this so much.. I ll follow your very nice blog.. Nice to meet you. Best wishes...

  8. This bag is gorgeous :) I definitely need to sort mine out though, I seem to accumulate so much stuff and just throw it in! Haha, awesome post :) xxx

  9. The makeup bag is so cute :) love the studs.
    I need to condense my makeup so it all fits in a small bag! Mine's currently in one giant bag haha x

  10. That's a really clever idea! I usually just chuck in a mascara, lip stick, bobby pins and some hair bobbles into my bag before I leave - this seems a lot more practical!

  11. love the makeup bag i have a holdall similar with studs :)


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