Monday, 25 June 2012

No7 Lovin'

Dont you find when you receive the No7 £5 voucher from the boots counter you instantly think
Oooo what can i get and until youve used it you think about what product you want to use it on! 
Or is that just me?
After receiving the vouchers over the past year or two my No7 collection has grown, i've become a lover of their Night Cream and their Protect and Perfect Lip Care Balm (i tried my mams and its smell so lovely i went and bought myself one haha) and my No7 make-up has also grown. These are a few things i really enjoy using and have purchased numerous times.

(Excuse the glare, blogging at work today and its super bright in here)

Fave Products
Perfect light pressed powder - Translucent
Stay perfect lipstick - Divine pink
Stay perfect eye shadow - Mink, Khaki, starry lights, comet (Free Gift Samples)
Exceptional Definition Mascara 

Translucent Powder, Mink, Starry lights, khaki and comet

For ages i hunted for the perfect translucent pressed powder but they all seemed to have some tint of colour to them which wasn't my cup of tea. Then i came across the no7 powder and its perfect no hint of orangey colour which i love! i must have bought  buckets full of these since.

Eye Shadow
Clockwise - mink, starry lights, khaki and comet

This picture doesn't so the colours of these much justice starry lights is nowhere near as yellow its more of a creamy colour, i love this for a base colour or just on its own with winged liner looks lovely!
Mink is also not as silver toned as it looks here but it looks lovely in the crease with starry lights.
Khaki would not be something i would personally buy myself but was in with the free gifts you can get with N07. But, i actually love it and used with a light hand its looks stunning!
Lastly comet, i'm a sucker for grey shades and this a matte shade too which i like apart from it has glitter particles in which is a nice extra but it does leave some fall out which can be a pain!

Exceptional Definition Mascara is a recent love also a small sample i had then i decided to purchase the full size. I hope you can see the shape of the brush at the end there spikes in a small ball shape, the bottom has short bristles that a packed together (amazing for bottom lashes) and longer bristles on the top which i didnt think would make my lashes as full as i like them but they actually do and i'm impressed as im not the biggest fan of plastic brushes!

Stay perfect lipstick in Divine Pink
I wear Mac Creme Cup pretty much everyday and this is coming in a close second. More pigmented than creme cup and the finish is different but i'm in love with it!
It also has some gold glitter flecks in it but there nothing to over powering and there not overly chunky either

As we speak i actually have a No7 voucher in my purse waiting to be used and this post as got me thinking what else could i try!? Any recommendations or do you have any No7 faves?




  1. my collection is graduallly growing too thanks to th vouchers, thats the only time i buy them! xo

  2. Ooh i really like the sound of the lipbalm, im a sucker for a good lipbalm! the eyeshadows look lovely too x

  3. I love the vouchers, no7 polishes are slowly taking over! :)


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