Friday, 29 June 2012

Tortoise Shell Watch

I love the Tortoise shell look my sunglasses are always tortoise shell and today i picked up a tortoise shell watch!

I would really like to get a Michael Kors Watch but for the moment i picked this one up from River Island which is online at Asos - Link

 River Island - £25

I'm really loving these link, boyfriend style watches lately and i never thought i would they weren't always my cup of tea, but i've grown to really like them! I actually now think there a timeless piece and even when the trend for them has been and gone it will still look amazing and i think they look maybe a bit mature and grown up Ha! Basically i was thinking it would be good to wear when i start working i n school and it wont look to childish! 

So my deal to myself is if i wear this on a regular basis and i'm comfortable with it on a trip away next year i'll splurge and get a Michael Kors watch! :)

What are your thoughts on Tortoise shell is it something you fancy? and what about these styles of watches too?




  1. Ah, I think the tortoise shell is much prettier than the rose gold watch everyone seems to have right now!

  2. I have the same kind of one from River Island in gold and cream and everyone thinks its a Michael Kors one! I like the tortoise shell and the colour is good for Autumn/Winter xx

  3. wow what a watches collection. One of my friend buy last month tortoise shell watch
    . it is so good.


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