Thursday, 21 June 2012

Well Don't We Look Posh!

As you can probably notice we have had an update, a spring clean, a spruce up! To say the least.

I decided my blog had grown a small amount over the last few months and needed an update, i always feel better writing and reading blogs if they are tidy and their is too much going on tht i cant focus on the post. But, it still needs to be attractive. After having a wonder and a gander around the internet for nice templates i came across Sharnee from

She offers amazing templates for really reasonable prices and she also offers extra additions where she can add your blog title to the header for an extra fee, which is what i choose to do (as it useless at this kind of thing) Sharnee also offers custom designs and for more in dept info you should head over to her website Here i found this template which i thought suited AshleyRose, chic looking but not to fussy and in your face i don't know where to look kind of thing.

So what do you all think!? I'm itching to know 


  1. love the new layout, its gorgeous! xo

  2. Awww shucks :) thanks for the lovely words. So glad to have helped! xx

  3. Hey Ashely I've been looking on their website and wanted to know did you add in your title yourself or did you get her to do that for you? I'm a bit confused by it all but have found a lovely one so thanks for the recommendation! x

  4. @Jessica
    She did it for me there is a space on her website where it tells you about the additions she can do. I simply messaged her through the contact section and told her the name of the template i was interested and if she could add me blog title and description and how much that would be all together then we messaged back and forth to get it all right.
    Shes really helpful and the adding a new template and header is really simple she even gives you clear instructions. Hope this helps :)x

  5. It's really nice and I think it has a vintage vibe to it :) I have changed my a few times because I'm never happy with it ha ha

    Tanesha x

  6. I love your theme ! It's awesome, and I'm gonna check out the blog ;)


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