Thursday, 19 July 2012

Splurge Alert | Estee Lauder Whitty Peach

Ooops, What can i say i caved...

After reading Estee's post on whitty peach i had a good search looking at it more and for about a week i was desperate to see it so popped into Debenhams so take a cheeky peek of it and ended up leaving with it, What can ya do!
This is my first Estee Lauder purchase and i think it was a really good choice. I'm a sucker for the gold luxurious packaging which made me want it more i think, it's the cherry on the top and worth the price tag.
Can you see why i had to buy it!? its amazing! i'm in love. I've changed my mind, this is the cherry on the top! The ombre effect is lovely and different and you cant not take a look if you were to see this in the store. 

So, my camera hasn't picked the colour's up as best as i hoped but its close. The blush fades from a deep pink, coral colour all the way to a yellowy, creamy colour. These are the colour individually and swirling your brush over all, together they leave a warm coral flush to your cheeks. You can easily make a deeper more pink colour by using the pink side and also if you feel you've used a little to much wipe your brush over the yellow to help tone it down. 
Also, in the pan you see a few glitter particle but once on and blened in i haven really noticed which is good.
My only small complaint would be its a big of a pig to open and i've found pushing my nail under the little open are and pushing is the best way, other wise you could be stood trying your best for a good 5 minutes.
All in all i love it and i think this is the perfect pink/coral colour and gives you the nicest flush of coral across your cheeks.  
I'm pretty sure they do another 'ombre' affect blush that is more pink than coral/peach but i haven't a clue of the name i just spotted it as the lady was looking for the example of Whitty Peach (as strangely it was on display and she had to route for it)

Have you ever had an impulse buy and you couldn't resist!?



  1. Oh my! Now THAT is a gorgeous blush. I'm such a sucker for coral/peach blushes. I already have a BareMinerals blush in The Aphrodisiac but now I think I need this one too... my purse is not happy about this! Haha, lovely background to the photos as well, on a side note! x

  2. This is the nicest looking lush I've ever seen! xx

  3. Oh my god I need this in my life! That is the prettiest blush I have ever seen!!!! And it looks so pigmented. Definitely on my wishlist now! xxx

  4. this blush is absolutely beautiful!!! i was the same with a dior ultra gloss, i didn't need it but it was just too gorgeous! xx


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