Thursday, 5 July 2012

Vintage Vogue

On Tuesday i took a trip to the Antiques Center which is about an hours drive away from me, its basically a huge warehouse with sections and small room thats filled with vintage/antique items and furniture some of it is amazing furniture from diffident business's and some things, i think are items that people have collected over years and years and are selling them in this warehouse. Every time i go i fall in love with some amazing furniture and i know when me and Dan are ready to move out we'll be heading their for big pieces of furniture. But here is the one amazing find i've had in a long time..

 The cutest vintage Vogue Compact and all for a small price of £14.50
Isn't it lovely!?
For ages i've been wanting to find a vintage compact but everyone i've seen at vintage fairs hasn't been to my taste, i'm glad i waited because this is so pretty and its vogue! I know it has a bit of wear and tare but what can you expect eyy! 

If you pop the small leaver on the right hand side it opens to wear the powder would have been, i cleaned it up and removed the lining and i'm hoping to find a rectangle blusher which will fit. A sleek lush doesn't fit so when i go to Manchester next week i'm going to see if a Nars Blush will fit, Fingers crossed!

I've found so many cute amazing things at vintage or antique fairs which i might do a post on soon. So make sure to keep your eyes out for the fairs and be prepared to have a route! It can be well worth it :)



  1. thats so cute, good luck finding a blush too fit :D you should try elf one maybe? xo

  2. This is so lovely, I love the print :)


  3. So beautiful! Love vintage goodies :)

  4. I love it, when did vogue stop making these ?

  5. I love that! It's so beautiful!!

  6. @Dollsthatsparkle i'm not to sure ive tried to look for information because i'd like to know too. Its actually called Vogue Vanities i found but i'm going to try look for more info about them :)

  7. that is so pretty! vintage shops have some gorgeous bits in them x

  8. Such a great find! Its so beautiful! I love your blog, everything is so well done and beautifully put together.

  9. So jealous! I would of loved to buy this! following you now :)
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