Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Haul - The Body Shop

Can you believe i waited two weeks for this box of goodies!! After i got so fed up of waiting i logged on to my Body Shop account and noticed the package had tracking, to findddd that it had been 'Delivered' 6 days ago. N It Had Not!  after a few phone calls to the posty people i found it was down the road at some persons house (Who i have never met in my life, why not leave it at a neighbour closer!?) anyways thanks UPS Man for leaving me the 'i have missed you' note!

The Body Shop always have the best deals and i was sent a code for 40% off which was amazing and greatly appreciated! and just that week i was planning on purchasing these things anyways for to have a discount was great!
Anyways, this is what i purchased. Links included :)
Rain forest Volumising Conditioner (60ml free gift when spent over so much)

I did purchase a mini toner a while back to try as i read it was for oily skin, which i defiantly have! And it worked a treat so, that is what persuaded me to pick up most of the range which i knew i would use. Will be doing a review on these after i've had a bit more use of them, but so far i love them and would recommend already! 
Satsuma hand gel i picked up for my mam because she loves mine i thought i would get her one. I also got the Coconut one for myself. I love coconut but this is a little sickly. Its a mixture of Pina Colada, Malibu and Sweet Coconut nice but sometimes a bit over powering.
The Rainforest Volumising Conditioner was a free gift when you spent over so much (Not to sure how much) i cant wait to try this because i love anything which will give me volume. Actucally i'm currently sat with a towel on my head after using it, fingers crossed its nice. Smells lovely though!
And lastly, i picked up the small facial brush which i have used and its nice to use on your face, its not to harsh but your no its doing a good job and your face feels soo smooth afterwards. 

I love The Body Shop and have so many favorite products, Do you love They Body Shop as much as me !?



  1. I picked up a lot of the seaweed range too, just started using it yesterday, hope it works for both of us! :p xx

  2. This has made me jealous! I love the grapefruit hand sanitizer from TBS, it's my favourite in fact :) xo

  3. great stuff! :)

    xx, rebecca

  4. Great post and I love your blogdesign ♥ I'm a new follower!! xo

  5. These look good! I like your blog I have nominated you for the Leibster Award :)



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