Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Hello & Birthday Hugs!

Apologies for my absence i've been getting sorted for Uni and my school placement, buying all sorts of bits and bobs and fancy 'school shoes' so i look presentable. Any Whoo..
Yesterday was my 20th Birthday! Eeeep cant believe how fast the year as flown but im excited for September but not all that excited to be 20! The number is too big and too round! I though i would share some of lovely things i received yesterday.

I must admit even though i wasn't looking forward to turning 20 and i'm not all that sure why. It wasn't that it made me feel old, not at all, i just think it was the reality of really growing up and it was a bit round number! But, even though i wasn't looking forward to it i had a love day and i was spoilt rotten. My Fiance Dan went totally crazy and got me the Canon 600d which i did know about and i contribited towards that but he really did pay for the majority of it along with getting my a big bottle of Disaronno (i also got another bottle of a family friend, i don't drink all that much so its enough to last me a lifetime haha) he also got my a bottle of perfume and a yummy Areo cake, which we had a piece of for breakfast Oops!
My mam got me lots of goodies too, Jeans cardi's a scarf from primark, Cath Kidston Shopper - that i cant wait to use, i have a few trips planned which it will be perfect for! She also got me a gorgeous silver necklace (Cant remember the name of the stone) which is from Abacus in Afflecks palace Manchester, Along with some other bit such as perfume, lipstick, a pretty cutlery set from next which is not both me and Dan and there getting put in our 'Bottom draw' For when we move out! She spoilt me rotten too and paid for the day out, which was nice i was able to see my brother whos living away at the moment so that made my day! While i was away i picked up the Stila in the light palette with some birthday money, as my Boots store is pants and never has anything good! My mam also passed down to me my Grandpa's silver bullet necklace which i'm in love with, i've never seen anything like that before. With some money of my own i got myself a Suede bag from River Island, that i love and surprisingly you can fit a reasonable amount in.

Today i had a coffee with my best friend and i also picked up some other makeup bits, photo frames for me and Dan and some camera accessories. But they along with the products in the post with me featured it future posts. I'm back on form not Uni is sorted and im just waiting to start next week and my camera things as on there way, which mean more post with lovely clear images Yippee! and some outfits posts, i might even do some 'What do you wear to school posts' as i'm working in a school a few days a week too. 
So be expecting to see more of me very soon! Traa for now :)



  1. Happy (belated) birthday! And honestly I got the same feeling at my most recent birthday. Not an amazing feeling, but don't let your age get in the way of you still feeling a bit juvenile sometimes! I try not to.
    By the way, I love that bag from River Island and the new camera! I have a question, do you know if the bag big enough to fit school books? I'm considering getting it myself! Or at least something similar.

  2. Ahh happy belated birthday! I feel so old now, but I still act like a complete knobber - Weird when I think that I'm 23 - When I was younger I thought I'd be married and rich by now.. Hmm! Defo still a skint student, how rubbish is that?!

    I love this lot though, those knives and forks look AMAZING (definitely growing up, ugh) where are they from do you know? xx

  3. happy belated birthday <3 really good camera you got there
    I got one for my 24th birthday last month too a Nikon D5100 ^^' forgot to make a birthday-post though... whoops

    Hope you had an awesome time

    XOXO Bee

  4. @SarahB @ FridayisForever buying knives and forks is defiately a sign of growing up, along with mugs and dining sets! hah! Yeah there from next and i think they were £16.x

  5. @couturing Thank you :) i can get A5 books in the bag easily and as-well as having short handles it has a longer one too which is good for if it gets a little heavy! But i wouldn't put A4 books in i think it would be a bit squashed.x

  6. @Bee
    Thank you :) Ooo i looked into buying that too, i was torn between the two for a while!x

  7. Looks like you got some lovely stuff !
    That necklace is so beautiful !
    Launa in Ponderland


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