Monday, 26 November 2012

Sigma Brushes

I was recently contact by the lovely Sigma Affiliate Team asking me if i would be interested in joining their Affiliate Group, i jumped at the chance as i am a big fan of their brushes and i know and have heard many good things about Sigma and their services. 
They kindly sent over to be 2 brushes for me to try and if i wished to talk about, obviously thats what i'm doing today simply because i love the brushes sent. 

In my package was the Precision Round - P82 and the Eyeliner - E05.
It has took my a while to do this post as i wanted to try the brushes and be able to give you my opinion and if i'm brutally honest i was unsure for a few days how to use the Precision Round. It is described as a small, dense and round headed brush and is used to apply product. After trying it out i have fallen in love with it and its all i've really used since for applying eyeshadow. It has even been useful for blending a base shadow and crease colour once there both applied. Surprisingly it leaves a lovely soft finish.

The eyeliner brush is lovely to use, its handle length is great you feel like you have control without the brush end flying about everywhere. It has a sharp tip which helps give a really nice winged liner, i wish this was in my collection sooner. I has took ages to find a good brush for winged liner and this is it! i would recommend this brush for anyone who is in need of a amazing liner brush. 

I would like a thank Sigma for considering me for their program and allowing me to share with you some of their products. Keep an eye out for sigma offers that i'll be making you aware of :)


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  1. lovely review and congratulations!


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