Monday, 21 January 2013

Bedside Table

I thought this would be a nice post to follow on from my last Dressing Table Storage post, you can find that Here.
So, next to my side of the bed i have a cute chic looking set of drawers it took me a while to find some drawers that fit in this little space. On top this is what i keep a jewelry stand which i have no idea where it was from,as i'm sure it was a gift many moons ago! It is in the shape of a manichean, you may be able to tell along the bottom i keep dangley earrings. They sit together in pairs nicely on each loop and on the hangers that poke out at the top (Which i didn't take a picture of, oops) i hang necklaces. 
The green glass jar was a present from my mam and was from out local 'Shabby Chic' shop, but i'm sure i have seen these in many shops. Originally it was there for water, but typically has ended up storing bits and bobs in it. Currently there is two watches., a couple of bracelets and a pinky/nude nail polish that i like to have easy access to as i wear it most days when i'm working in school. Lastly my favourite part of this set up, is the pink glass jar. I purchased this from Urban Outfitters a long time ago, it was the best thing i picked up on the shopping trip i think! I keep my pearl necklace in here along with a mother of pearl pendent (which i haven't worn yet, need to buy a chain for it) along with some bead and beaded bracelets. 

As sad as it may sound i do love my bed side table trinkets. I usually keep a Brambly Hedge book on the side too, just to get it a girly, 'oldy worldy' look. What trinkets do you have, that you feel makes your room?



  1. I love these kinds of posts :) Everybody makes their bedside table look so pretty! The glass jars are really nice :) xx

  2. I love little things like this! I think they really make a room look pretty:)xo

  3. you look like you have such a pretty room, so whimsical and boho! by the way love your blog so much! i followed! would love you to check out my blog! have a wonderful day!


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