Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Dressing Table & Storage

I'm a sucker for nick naks and trinkets in my room. My dressing table is becoming increasing full and compact. That much i'm in need of some tall, slim drawers to sit at the side of the dressing table for makeup-up so my dressing table is allowed to be cluttered but cute. I'm all about it looking shabby and vintage.
(Caution Image Overload)
 Lights - Wilkinson's Christmas Sale
Shabby Chic Mirror - Vintage Warehouse £14
No7 Mirror - Boots
Blythe Doll - Etsy
Drawers - Ikea
Photo Frame - Local Shop 
Vintage Jug - Local Shabby Chic Shop £7
Jar (New) - Local Shabby Chic Shop £5
Salt Shaker - Vintage Fair £4
Vintage Lipstick Holder - Etsy £13
Kitsch Squirrel - Vintage Fair £2
Vogue Compact - Vintage Warehouse £14
Brooch - Vintage Fair £3
Sweet Tine (Lipsticks) - Vintage Fair £4
Floral Dish - Vintage Fair £5

 This kind of give you the idea of what i like and how i keep things organised, it like to call it organised clutter. I also added some prices so you can see what i'm willing to pay for some thing and the bargain you can get by poping along to small local vintage fair and little independent retails you may have in your town My local ' Shabby Chic Store' hold new and vintage things, which are usually over priced for second hand 'rubbish ' thats partly damaged so i rarely buy from them. I only really buy their vintage products if its something i have seen in the shop a few times and think about a lot, then i'll give it and purchase it. This way i know i'm not regretting it. A prime example was the Vintage jug that i keep brushes in, this sat in the shop for months before i bought it. There a huge crack inside this is partly the reason i didn't want to pay for it, but i did knock her down from £9 not to bad. 
My bests buys i feel are the mirror which i got for £14, i could pass on that. It moves around too, up and down and side to side, which is useful. The compact was a cool find too and i fell in love straight away. 
I keep my lipstick in the sweet tin which came from a vintage fair and was filled full of sewing nik naks, so for £4 it was a good deal.
I'm not a fan of the drawers but for now they do the job. I don't want to spend a fortune on drawers 'just because' i'd rather wait until i find something i love. 
Studded earring stay in the cute floral dish i found, this way i can see them easily. A couple of bobbles stay on there too, as there easy to grab. I also really love the salt shaker its so pretty and i keep bobby pins/kirby grips in here (Perfect size).
The small jar has eye brushes in simply because they are smaller brushes and fit in there nicely. The glass with the pretty edging is used for face brushes because it is a bigger space.
Behind the photo frame that hold a really old picture of my great Nanna, there are perfumes hidden away nicely. And the Blythe doll i wanted for decoration she looks really cute on here, but will look ten times better when she has a new wig preferably pale pink or white. 
So, what are you a cluttered organised kind of person? To me even though i looks a mess, it is organised and in order. I know where everything is and it never moves out of place, ha!



  1. Lovely post, although i find that doll kinda creepy but thats just me haha! Cannot get over how many Real Techniques brushes you have, wow! x

  2. Haha i found the doll a little creepy too!! :\
    Love the way you store your makeup in all vintage looking tins and stuff, its so cute and such a unique way to keep it all! Love the little lights around your mirror too, so pretty! :) xxx

  3. @Charlotte Morgan
    I know i think its a kind of marmite type of thing, which paler hair she might look a bit more subtle. Thank you for your lovely comments :)x

  4. Hi there, I just wanted to say that I have nominated your blog for a Liebster award! :) xxx

  5. Cute! I love dressing table posts :) xo


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