Sunday, 3 February 2013

Lush Big Shampoo

 BIG is a Lush shampoo product which i have heard a lot about in the blogging world. After hearing many good things about it i thought i would give it a go. While away in manchester at the begining of January i ventured into lush, had a little chat with a lovely member. After explaining to a lovely member of staff that my hair was flat and too soft after it had been washed, i needed something that would give it a lift and i was hoping this would do the trick, she told me all about BIG. I then looked past the price tag and purchased it.
 Lush Big Shampoo £11.25
BIG is crammed with sea salt to give lift and volume, along with added seaweed and coconut for silky softness and lemon and lime for shine. This results in lift and volume as well as it being easy to comb through. It give your hair a good clean through without leaving it feeling heavy on the head, as other shampoos i have used normally do.
Its simple to use and you dont need to over use, simpley scoop up the product and lather into wet hair. I like to massage it into the roots, as this is where i want as much lift as possible. It really is a lovely product although the price is a bit hefty its well worth it. Ive been using my first tub for over a month now and there is just over a quarter of the product left. This is being used twice a week too, so i dont think its too bad, it works well on my hair so i dont mind the price.
Another thing which i love more than anything with the BIG shampoo is that even when wet/towel dried my hair feels really light and it dries so much faster these day!
Well worth the price and the hype its receiving!



  1. I have read so many great reviews about this shampoo and now another. I really should try this and it seems to be so good for your hair. Lovely review x

  2. thanks for sharing your honest opinion with us :) I always thought about buying this shampoo but here in germ it's REALLY pricey... around GBP20?! o.O or even more... ridiculous! but I'll give it a try when I'm back in the uk :)
    love it!
    btw you have an amazing blog, dear. keep up the great work :))

    xx Rebekah


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