Thursday, 9 January 2014

New Year, New Start (even if its 9days late!)

As they say "New year, new start" and this one is better than never!
I'm feeling and hoping that this year is going to be a 'good un'. Although our house still needs many months worth or work doing on it before its even livable, by this summer (at the latest) we will be in. My degree will finish this year and in September i can move on to my top up, at a whole new uni; exciting. So, you could say these are my new years resolutions moving out and getting my house to a homely nest for us and earning a nice grade i can be proud.

To help with this i'm getting seriously organised, hence the Filofax.
After coming across Kait's blog Cafeetpapier and her instagram i became instantly in love with her Filofaxs.  
And, if i have to admit it for about a day i was obsessed! Crazy obsessed. I  looked from blog to blog of planners and filofaxs and all things stationary. I'm a big lover of pretty stationary, it always makes working so much better; don't you think? 
 I then opted for the Filofax Finsbury in Raspberry, although my images don't do the colour any justice at all, it is so much more prettier in real life. I also did some eBay buying for washi tape and funky post-it notes, these things are pretty exciting for me! 
 The front pockets are filled with some cute goodies, washi tape from ebay and some paper clips that i put washi tape on too. Stickers that were from Paperchase and i've included two pens one on the saide which is a simple black pen but pretty, also from Paperchase and a Bic 4 colour pen; super handy! The cat image i fell in love with and found it on tumblr Here. I simply laminated it and punched some holes in the side.
Along with the laminated cat i made some new dividers out of floral paper which i will so in another post.
  So here it is, my first week nothing too crazy as i'm still getting into my new routine. This week I've added some washi tape and stickers to make it interesting, and a few reminders and notes. The luggage tag is just something i'm testing for the time beging, it is more for shopping lists so they can be removed and used when needed. It is rather annoying though as it gets stuck in the middle, so i may be rethinking this.
For now i'm really loving my filofax set up and hopefully it will get better. 
How are you getting organised this year? Anything similar?



  1. This is just lovely! You've really made it your own and everything about it is just adorable - I love that you've laminated that cat picture too, so cute! x

  2. That's so pretty and individual :)
    I purchased a Filofax just before Christmas in order to be more organised this year.
    Amy x A Little Boat Sailing


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