Sunday, 18 January 2015

Do What Makes You Happy

I know my blog has taken a back seat over the last year, and i'm disappointed in myself for that; as i've missed it dearly. But, this year i plan to be a better one, total cliche i know!

Uni and the purchase of our new, first home along with its many (ongoing) resivations seemed to take over my life last year. After the decision to take a year out before completing my teaching degree, i'm feeling more positive about this year!
My mind is swimming with ideas and goals for 2015, and the here is at the top of that list.

So, for my first post back i thought it would be a nice idea to set some positive expectations for myself.
Get organised and be productive
Being organised is on most peoples list this year i feel. I'm hoping to be organised and productive so i can finish my degree this year on a good note. Make sure the building work and finishing touches are completed in the house this year. And lastly, plan a routine for photos, writing and scheduling post for the blog. 

Be healthy
I'm not thinking of it as losing weight but being healthy and feeling better within myself. Although week by week i am shedding the pounds, overall i hope for it to be more of a lifestyle chance. Keeping onto of gym classes is also up there, there should be no excuses for missing classes! And i'd really love to share my tips and tricks along the way with you guys.

Be happy!
Last of all, and the most important be happy another cliche i'm sure; but this is very much in my thoughts this year. I've spent the last year stressing out and worrying over too much and its tiring. This year i want to do more, travel and explore and enjoy every minute of it! My ideas i have already excite me and taking a short time out from studying i think i can gain some more experiences and enjoy life a little more than i have recently.
And i hope you can be apart of it with me. 

On that note i think i will end here, i'll see you soon and remember
Do what makes you happy!


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