Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Lipstick Collection #1 The Winter Lip

I Don't know about you, but i'm a sucker for a lipstick!
Any colour, any finish and any brand. Lipsticks are without a doubt my most favorite items of makeup to buy. And within my collection there is pretty much a lipstick for any occasion. My most worn at the moment and usually is around this time of year, is the berry lip. 
Recently i have found myself reaching for the Kate Moss Rimmel Matte lipstick #107.
I've used it so much and its been bashed around in my handbag, it is looking a little battered; but that's okay it still does the job. There are many things i love about the Kate Moss Range and #107 itself
  • i love a good matte lip
  • it is the perfect berry color, that i think would look great on most skin tones
  • using it lightly can make a lovely lip stain
  • Lasting power 
  • great price

 Although i'm not a huge fan of the red packaging, the Kate signature is really cute. Most importantly, it has a long lasting power even without using a liner underneath. #107 or a berry lip in general is usually a look i like to wear during the evening or nights out. Even when drinking or eating it seems to last well before fading. And when it fades it doesn't look patchy, but rather you have been using a form of lip stain.
All in all, my favorite winter lip!



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