Friday, 3 April 2015

Easter Treats

I'm a sucker for an Easter treat, the eggs and the cute chicks and bunnies.
My house this year, is completely egg free which is good while i'm 'being good'; but i can't resit an Easter treat. Rather than going out an buy some eggs, i decided to make the most common Easter sweet treat known to man! Chocolate Nests.
But lets be honest, they are really yummy!! And eating one was an instant throwback to my childhood.

To make these super simple treats you will need:-

225g of your favourite chocolate 
100g cornflake cereal 
2 tbsp butter
mini eggs for decoration 
9-12 cupcake cases

First of all break and melt your chocolate, once melted add the butter and allow to melt also.
Then simply mix together the melted chocolate and cornflakes, in a big pan or bowl.
Spoon in to cases, i made 12 cakes but if you prefer them more full you could make 9; and spread the mixture around. Add your decoration, these mini mini eggs were from Tesco. 

Hope you enjoy these just as much as i have and have a fab Easter weekend!


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