Sunday, 19 April 2015

London Hauling #1 | Anthropologie

I have loved the Anthropologie website for so long! On my recent trip to London, last weekend i finally was able to spend time wondering around their gorgeous store. And of course, i picked up a few items. If only i had a bigger, much bigger case to bring more things home with me. So as my house, that some what still resembles a building site! slowly turns into a home i will be purchasing more lovely items from Anthropologie. For now though these are a few items i purchased while away for my new kitchen.
 Egg Crate - Link
Isn't this the cutest?! i fell in love with this instantly, grabbed it and plonked it in my basket; with no intentions of removing it. We eat eggs pretty much daily, strange thing to tell you guys i know but, why not have a couple out looking lovely. Problem solved, and i'm sure there a few more colours too.
 Havana Mug - Link
While in London each morning for breakfast we would sit at Covent Garden, in a sweet little french bistro. We ate pastries and in a small bowl similar size to these mugs, were served the most amazing coffee! When i saw these mugs they so reminded me of the french cups, and i had to have some. I cant wait to drink fruit teas and yummy lattes (from a coffee machine i'm planning of getting) from these. 
 Herb Pots - Link & Link
I'm addicted to these teal, minty, duck egg colours at the moment, as i'm sure you can see from this post. So much so, that i think i'm having to encouragement it into the kitchen now. I bought these with the intention of planting herbs into them and placing them in the kitchen window. One so they have plenty of sunlight but also because i think they'll look pretty sat there. 
 Royal Apothic Eau De Parfum - Link
I first spotted this online and planned to pick up the Blood Orange, simply because i'm a sucker for orange and tangerine scents. While sniffing all the different perfumes i came across Botanical Blush, there is some familiarity of the scent and that's what made me purchase this. Its a perfect handbag size and i'll definitely be ordering the orange fragrance at some point. Botanical Blush has notes of black orchid, rose and violet and with only one to two sprays the scents lasts. 
After writing this post and selecting the links i think an order is well needed. The lovely cups have matching plates and bowls, i need! And there is pages of planters, bird houses and furniture that i desire to have in my home.    

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