Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Lip Care Products | Carmex & Blistex

Lip care has never been my strongest point within my care routines, but recently that changed for the better. After being ill for week and catching every cold that was floating about, my lips were dry, sore and cracked; and looked awful! And the two most simple well-known products saved my lips. i spotted the Carmex and Blistex products when picking up cold and flu medicine. Although i've always read how fab these products are, i never tried them; it was time to jump on that wagon.

I use both of these products daily but in different ways. The Carmex balm i use mainly in the morning before doing my makeup, and i the evening when i'm removing everything; and applying skincare. i love that when its on the lips it feels some what creamy, rather than greasy. Although it looks very much like Vaseline its not as waxy, and sinks into your lips nicely. It holds a distinctive smell, in a way a menthol, minty smell but its not over powering. I heard many people say that when you use it the sensation it leaves is almost like using a vapor rub, and is off putting for many i'm sure. I don't find it to be that intense, it feelings cooling on the lips. In a way you may think of a plumping lip balm, but don't worry it doesn't plump; it would be straight off my list if that was the result. I feel it just gives my lips some natural colour, as if the minty sensation had woken them up.    

Carmex Link

The Blistex moisturiser i use daily too, but throughout the day when i'm on the go. You'll find this in my makeup bag or handbag. i find the easier to use on the go as it has an applicator. No sticking your fingers in a products and not knowing what to do with the excess product, and don't forget about all those little germs! I really do enjoy using this again its creamy but the consistency it totally different. Its very light and feel much like  lotion which at first feel strange to be putting on your lips. But in Fact, is lovely as it sinks in fast and leaves your lips feeling super smooth ad hydrated. Although it doesn't put as much colour and life into my lips as the carmex does, its still lovely to use and does the job!

Blistex Link

Although i do really love using these products there coming to an end. I would love to try some new lip care products out, so if you have any recommendations let me know.

Have a fab day!


  1. I find the carmex is a really great lip product but I also really love the body shop's lip balms too, they work wonders!


    1. I've never tried their lip balms but if there a anything like the body butters, i bet they're fab! I'll have to try them!


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